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I have a decade of experience in managing brands and marketing communications online through Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing. I work extensively with SMEs & large enterprises based in the USA, UK/EU & India helping them revitalize their web presence & improve their website traffic. Currently working as Senior Client Operation Manager at NetElixir.

A glimpse at my work process…

In the last couple of years, rapid digitization forced businesses to deal with completely new challenges and adopt digital transformation. The market preconditions set to worsen amid the pandemic-related macroeconomic shock. At this juncture, to survive, businesses need to favor relatively new practices in marketing that are still being defined.

Armed with Project Management skills, I practice Agile to challenge the status quo, and experiment often. With a plethora of digital marketing channels at our disposal, it is important to prioritize our effort. Based on data analysis, I craft a custom portfolio strategy for businesses. The purpose is to read the intent-to-purchase signals early to get people to convert across multiple touchpoints and across multiple channels.

I combine Brand Strategy with Design Thinking. Design thinking methodology explores new customer-centricity ideas and puts structure into the development of new promotion strategies.

My Design Thinking approach that Delivers Excellence

understand business needs


Understand Business Needs

Collaborate with the business stakeholders to understand the business needs, define and document the business requirements.

profile the customers


Profile The Customers

Build a semi-fictional customer persona of the business  considering demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals of existing customers.

create brand story


Create Brand Story

Brainstorm and craft emotionally compelling  humane brand stories.  This will be the basis for emotionally compelling future ad creatives.

develop strategy and execute


Develop Strategy & Execute

Create hyper-targeted campaigns and offers. Use the business understanding to create audience lists and interest segments for retargeting.

nurture and iterate quickly


Nurture and/or Iterate Quickly

Derive insights from live campaign performance data, analyse and optimize the campaigns. If needed, make adjustments to the marketing mix.

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