Last minute PPC tips for Cyber Monday

Saturday, November 28, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

The most important shopping time of the year is here - The Thanksgiving Weekend. Retailers of all shapes and sizes pull out all their offers to attract shoppers. Now that the Black Friday has already began and has started pouring out all different new data and statistics, its now time to analyze and secure your paid search advertisement success through the weekend. For online retailers its still not too late to ensure that your paid search campaigns are ready for holiday traffic on Cyber Monday and beyond.

This time the Black Friday offers failed to draw big crowds to brick-and-mortar stores and shopping malls. We have seen in 2015 retailers had spread their offers throughout the year, that could be one reason that the sense of urgency for shopper on Black Friday was lost. In 2015 as we are having both Black Friday and Cyber Monday on November itself, this slow start can leads to a shopping rush during final ten days of December. 

To maximize your paid search revenue, remember the following tips:

1) Do not ignore Mobile! Mobile traffic can set a new record
As per IBM Watson Trend Report in Black Friday 2015 the average Mobile Traffic has reached 60 percent of all online traffic, a double digit increase of 15 percent over 2014. 40 percent of all online sale came from Mobile device on Thanksgiving 2015.

2) Be relevant! Customer attention is shrinking
The number of page views per session has dropped from 10 in Black Friday 2014 to 8 in Black Friday 2015 as reported in IBM Benchmark. The website Bounce rate in Black Friday this year is more than 31 percent. The most possible reason for this is the change in consumer behavior. Consumers are now hopping on their smart phone for very short moments though out the day to browse products and make purchases. This requires your ad copies to be well crafted and highly relevant.

3) Customer's attention shrinkage continues! Retarget.
On Black Friday 2015 the cart abandonment rate has reached over 74% reported in IBM Benchmark. This is again possibly due to multi-device micro-moments. If you already have a Re-marketing list ready, never forget to reach out to these abandoned shoppers over the weekend.

4) Automated Item Update. Save money from 'lost' clicks
The Adobe Digital Index reported that one out of every 9 products viewed during Thanksgiving sale this year was out-of-stock. If your website has micro-data implemented, turn-on Google Merchant Center's Automatic Item Update Feature. Alternatively update your shopping feeds as frequently as possible to save cost from unproductive 'lost' clicks.

5) Are you delivering it today? Trending in 2015
This year same-day-delivery is a key differentiator. If you are delivering on same day, be bold and advertise in your ad copy. Amazon Prime has a same-day-delivery option. Etsy and Apple working with Postmates to deliver on same day in many cities. Even many brick-and-mortar stores like Macy's, Kohl's, Williams-Sonoma working with delivery startup like Deliv  this holiday season to get their products delivered on same day. 

Now that you have all the ideas, line up your PPC accounts and wait to win the Cyber Monday traffic. Let us know in comments what is the Cyber Monday strategy you are going to use for your business.